Illinois Programming League


The Illinois Programming League (IPL) is a series of ICPC-style programming contests open to all UIUC students. Compete each week to earn league points, the contestants with the most points at the end of the league will receive prizes and recognition!


Every Monday, 7-9 PM


Siebel Center, Room 0218

How to Compete?

Pre-registration is not required, simply show up on Monday in Siebel Room 0218 and sign-on at the door to compete!


Free Dinner will be provided for all contestants every contest!


Each contestant that competes in at least four contests will receive a free IPL t-shirt!
Prizes will be awarded to the top performing competitors:

1st Place - $250
2nd Place - $200
3rd Place - $150
4th Place - $125
5th Place - $100
6th Place - $80
7th Place - $65
8th Place - $50
9th Place - $35
10th Place - $25

Additionally earn a raffle point for each contest you attend for a chance to win one of the three $20 raffle prizes!


Anyone is allowed to participate, although the top 10 prizes are restricted to our eligibility rules (Note: if you are ineligible you can still win raffle prizes and get free dinner and a free t-shirt).

See the eligibility flowchart to check if you are eligibile to compete


  • Students compete individually and communication during the contest is not allowed.
  • Bring your own laptop or use the EWS machines.
  • During the contest internet usage is forbidden, with the following exceptions:
  • Any physical reference materials such as notes, textbooks, printed code, etc are allowed although electronic and digital reference materials are strictly forbidden.
  • Scoring:
    • Each problem is worth the same.
    • Total time = the sum of (time since the begining) for each problem solved
    • The contestants will be ranked by the most problems solved. If there is a tie, they will be ranked by the least total time.
    • There is a 20-minute penalty added to the total time for each wrong submission.
  • The rules are tentative and are subjective to change at our discretion.

Languages allowed

  • C (C99)
  • C++ (C++11)
  • Java (Java 8)
  • Python (Python 3)


Please feel free to reach out to us at