Illinois Programming League


The Illinois Programming League (IPL) is a series of ICPC-style programming contests open to all UIUC students. Compete each week to earn league points and sharpen your comeptitive programming skills.


Every Monday, 7-9 PM


Siebel Center, Room 0218

How to Compete?

Pre-registration is not required, simply show up on Monday in Siebel Room 0218 and sign-on at the door to compete!

Free Food & Prizes

Details TBD.


  • Students compete individually and communication during the contest is not allowed.
  • Bring your own laptop or use the EWS machines.
  • During the contest internet usage is forbidden, with the following exceptions:
  • Any physical reference materials such as notes, textbooks, printed code, etc are allowed although electronic and digital reference materials are strictly forbidden.
  • Scoring:
    • Each problem is worth the same.
    • Total time = the sum of (time since the begining) for each problem solved
    • The contestants will be ranked by the most problems solved. If there is a tie, they will be ranked by the least total time.
    • There is a 20-minute penalty added to the total time for each wrong submission.
  • The rules are tentative and are subjective to change at our discretion.

Languages allowed

  • C (C99)
  • C++ (C++11)
  • Java (Java 8)
  • Python (Python 3)


Please feel free to reach out to us at