Illinois Programming League


We are moving to Siebel 0224 in fall 2018!
You will have the option to work on an EWS machine, or bring your laptop and setup the environment for your favorite programming language (among C++11, Java8, Python3)!

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C++ 11 Reference
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Illinois Programming League (IPL) is a series of algorithmic programming contests organized by ACM SIG-ICPC at UIUC. Contestants try to solve problems that are likely to be asked in technical interviews. Come in practice and sharpen your programming skills!


Every Monday, 7-9 PM
Starting from 3rd week of school


Siebel 0224


Free pizza will be provided for IPL contestants! (starting 6:45 PM)


Contests take place every three weeks, and cash prizes ranging between $10-$25 will be given to top contestants. These contests will contain problems relevant to the lecture topics from the previous two weeks.


Anyone is allowed to participate.

You are eligible for prizes if you are
  • Enrolled in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and
  • Started college in 2014 or later OR born in 1995 or later.


You must physically present in the lab to compete. No remote participation allowed.

Students compete individually and communication during the contest is not allowed.

During the contest, Internet usage (e.g. Google, Stack Overflow, etc.) is forbidden, with the following exceptions: Any physical reference materials (e.g. notes, textbooks, printed code, etc.) are allowed. Any electronic and digital reference materials are forbidden, with exception of websites listed above.

If you violate these contest rules, you will be disqualified for prizes.


In each contest,
  • Each problem is worth the same.
  • Contestants are ranked by the number of problems solved. Ties are broken by time penalty.
  • Time penalty = sum of {[Time of acceptance since start of contest] + 20mins * [number of rejected submissions before acceptance]} for each accepted problem
  • Baseline: work on easier problems first, solve quickly and accurately.

After each contest, your rating will be adjusted based on your projected rank and actual rank.

Languages allowed

  • C++ 11
  • Java 8
  • Python 3


Please feel free to reach out to us at


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