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We are looking for students of all programming backgrounds to join ICPC in preparation for the 2014 ICPC Mid-Central Regional Competition and the 2015 ACM ICPC World Finals. Anyone with the desire to improve their algorithmic programming skills and represent the U of I on the world stage is welcome to join.

In the past ten years, UIUC has taken teams to the World Finals nine times! We want to continue that legacy, but to do so, we need YOUR help!

If you have competed in algorithmic programming competitions like the USACO and IOI, we strongly encourage you to check us out! ICPC is the university-level analogy to these competitions. We also welcome students with a math background and a desire to learn programming, including those who have competed in national and international Math Olympiads.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please join the Mailing List here and join our group on Facebook! For more information, please contact Uttam Thakore (thakore1 AT